If you’re interested in submitting to Neologism, that’s great!  I’m interested in reading your work.  I will respond to email and physical mail submissions within two weeks of receipt.  If it’s been longer than that, feel free to reach out again.


The submission period for each month ends one day before the end of the month.  All poems received after that date will be considered for the next month’s issue. Expect the newest issue either on the last day of the month or the 1-2 days following.

What to submit

Wild and imaginative use of language is what I look for – coin a new way to show me what you mean and what you want me to feel.  Poems with consistent rhythm and tone are my highest priority.  I would like to publish shorter poems of length no greater than one page, but exceptional work will always find a place here.

I can only accept writing in English, but translations are welcome.  If a translated poem references certain cultural beliefs/stories/practices and you feel it would improve appreciation of the poem, please include a short description or a text (internet or print) reference where readers may learn more. Please also include the original, untranslated poem.

If you have submitted work here previously and that work was not accepted, do not submit the same work again without substantial changes.

How to submit

When you submit work, please include no more than five poems, and please do not send more until I have accepted or denied your submission. Unless otherwise requested, subsequent work will be considered for the next month’s issue  If emailing, you may paste your work into the body of the email or submit an attachment; for clarity, underline the titles of your poems and, if on an attached document, start each poem on its own page.  Please include a short bio of 50 words or less and, if you would like, a description of any central philosophy informing the work enclosed.

If your work has already found a home in another publication, or has been published elsewhere online (e.g., online magazines, blogs, or social media sites) I cannot accept it.  Simultaneous submissions are not a problem!

You can send physical submissions to the following address. Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope if you’d like your poems returned, or if you prefer response by physical mail:

Christopher Fields

34 Glenbrook Drive, Apt. 2C

Greenfield, MA 01301

Please make sure to use the following address for online submissions:

neologismpoetry (at) gmail (dot) com


Neologism Poetry Journal reserves First Serial Rights. Copyright remains with published authors. Authors retain rights to reprint work after it has appeared in Neologism Poetry Journal as long as the Journal is credited with first publication in the reprint, but may not reprint work between its acceptance in the Journal and publication in it.