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Crystallized image of a tree with sky background in Spain.

Month: March 2018

Issue #10 is a thing!

This month, please enjoy David B. Prather, March’s Featured Poet! You can see his poem “Barometer” at top billing in the new issue or on the home page. The sum total of the authors’ writing experience in this issue is simply incredible and I encourage anyone who enjoys these poems to seek out the authors’ other work, linked in their biographical statements. Thanks to all who submitted for this month’s issue.

Issue #9 exists!

Happy to congratulate James Croal Jackson, who was published in the very first issue, on being this month’s Featured Poet! Head over to the issues page to see a list of everyone included this month, or skip to the issue and get to reading!

When I started this project, the goal was ultimately to find more poetry to read. While having people mail poetry directly to me does accomplish that goal, in the process of finding contributors’ other work (to link in their biographical statements) I’ve also stumbled across a number of wonderful journals. This month I spent a good couple of hours enjoying haiku courtesy of Acorn. I expect my bookshelf to swell at a yet greater pace as these months and issues go by.

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