Neologism Poetry Journal

Just make something up. We'll be the only ones who know.

Crystallized image of a tree with sky background in Spain.

Month: June 2017

Issue #1 posted!

Thanks to everyone who submitted, and congratulations to all those accepted! I’m looking forward to publishing more great work next month!

Keep ’em coming!

Getting a lot of great submissions for the June issue!  Planning to make final decisions for this month and send out acceptances on June 21st.

Poetry Contest Announcement – $250 prize!

The Submissions page has been updated to open the inaugural Autumn Poetry Contest!  Click over to learn more!

As the reader base expands, I hope to offer larger prizes as well as runners-up prizes.


Hello all!

Today is the first day Neologism is open for submissions.  I’m hoping to have enough to publish the first issue by the end of June, but that’s going to take some legwork on my part and yours in getting the word out.   Looking forward to reading your best!

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